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Lihi Shani

Artist Statement

The creation of self- Identity through consumerism, and contemporary concepts of beauty, motivate me to create artworks out of existing items consumed by the masses. I place them in a new context, different than their initial intent. I view the mass consumption as a result of psychological influences constructing the self and social identity. The documentary series of "The Century of the Self," somewhat shaped my approach towards the immeasurable life style of consumerism.


My ready made objects are a mirror for the contemporary consumer; bottomless pit of mass reproduction of products we do not need, and the standardization of online shopping and it's effects. 

This medium of shopping creates new social relations and appreciation of ones belongings. Everything that comes to mind is sold online, from artificial eyelashes up to romantic relationships. Blow up dolls are a specific item I like working with; imported from China, representing a production line of cheap plastic products replacing the human loneliness. I derive pleasure in puncturing them, emptying all content and air making them limp and useless. In this 'new' shape I attempt attributing them with a certain idealism, based on cultural heritage. I also examine their gender and meaning of each gender by today's "normal definition" of our sex.

Exploring the web in search of the next 'hot' product, buying it, and breaking down the user experience is part of the process of my creation. I dismantle its original purpose and rebuild a new product that has no use at all. It is the cynical meaning of the whole purchase that conveys my art.  

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