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Hadar Mitz,Tree Lessons, video, 2018

In a conversation I had once with Hadar Mitz, we explored the topic of existentialism; Sartre's philosophy on our existence and its ripple effect. Mitz addresses this among other matters in her creation process.


In Tree Lessons video art, we see the artist situated on a found wooden ladder, in three different positions. At first glace, one may think they are observing three stills.

However once the eyes get used to the images, the ears tune to the telling sounds; whooshing leaves in hustling wind.  In contrast to the natural forces around her, her female body moves ever so slightly. These are the minute movements that change the entire shot.


Inspired by Miranda July's short story The Swim Team, Mitz placed herself at the top of a ladder, dressed in a teasing silver leotard, trying to balance herself in odd postures.


Provoking gravity; the obvious force applied on all entities, while questioning the obvious forces applied on all humans; our normal perceptions in society.

By forming awkward sexiness and dismissing the ordinary purpose of a ladder, she challenges her balance and aim with a found mise en scène.


Like a natural process, eventually the female body becomes part of the trees and ladder. It is no longer awkward or discomforting, Mitz's physicality blends into the environment she created for it. Just as the ladder found its existence right there, so did She.


I'd recommend replaying the video several times, find the different details.

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