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I am an Art Lover, Academic, Global Health Advisor and Lecturer by day, but my greatest calling has been to unite people to fight global injustice everywhere. In 2014, I founded ‘UCL Fight the Fakes’ - an international campaign that raises awareness about the dangerous effects of fake medicines in low and middle income countries. Access to medicines and health care is a fundamental human right.


Now, there is an imminent and devastating humanitarian disaster unfolding in Ukraine in front of our eyes, in Europe, nearly 80 years after the world said “never again.” As a global citizen, I cannot be a bystander to tyranny, to war crimes and to the suffering of millions. Every second and every dollar will impact the future of Ukraine, its people and redraw the lines of the Western World. 


My family fled communist USSR for Canada and gave up everything they had for freedom. My life has been shaped by the price paid for democracy. 


Today, Ukraine is the frontline for the future of global democracy.


But I have hope. I believe in the power of community. I believe that we have more in common than that which separates us and I believe if we all come together and play our part we can change the course of history. My mission is to support our brave heroes in Ukraine and save innocent lives in this senseless invasion of a peaceful nation. We have chosen to partner with the Red Cross to provide urgent medical aid to Ukraine due to the severe medical and food shortages across the nation. 


We invite you to stand with Ukraine, with the courage and heart wrenching resilience of a nation that is defending freedom for all. We invite you to support art for peace, art for Ukraine. 


We welcome art enthusiasts and anyone who simply wishes to support the cause. 

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